Hiking is great when looking for inspiration or trying to clear your head! Hiking is such a stress reliever. It helps get you going to take on any challenge that comes your way. The smell of fresh air and the sound of flowing waters refreshes the soul. It’s very refreshing! Hiking trails in Ambler Pa are perfect for a refreshing hike, brisk walk, or lazy stroll.

Come and see the excitement and adventure Ambler trails offer. Immerse yourself in nature and get that refreshed feeling you long for.

Start hiking at any of these top trails in Ambler, PA.

Hiking Trails in Ambler Pa

Four Mills Nature Preserve

12 Morris Road, Ambler

The Four Mills Nature Preserve is 1.5 miles long of moderate difficulty trails along Wissahickon Creek. The course has two loops, each 0.5 miles long. You’ll cross two opposite bridges before getting on any loop trail. If you turn left, you find your way to the Rotary Bridge, which links to the Borough of Ambler. If you turn right, you’ll pass Rose Rubenstein crossing about a quarter mile ahead. The crossing connects to Germantown Academy. Be prepared to see several creeks, species of trees, and dragonflies on the trail. You may bring your dog or children on the trail.

Green Ribbon Trail & Preserve

154 Mathers Road, Ambler

The Green Ribbon Trail is the longest and most popular among the Wissahickon trails system. The trail stretches 12.6 miles from Parkside Place in Upper Gwynedd Township to Stenton Avenue in Whitemarsh Township. The path gives access to Fort Washington, Gwynedd Valley, Penllyn, North Wales, and Ambler. It’s also a moderate trail that welcomes leashed dogs and equestrians. You can ride public transportation within a mile of Parkside Place. There are also picnic tables, restrooms, and parking available. Some of the trail is under construction, so hikers must detour through Route 202.

Brian Hill Preserve

Brookfield Lane, Ambler

You can find Brian Hill Preserve along the Wissahickon watershed. It is also next to Prophecy Creek Park. The pond between the two spots is home to snapping and eastern-painted turtles. Other animals like green and blue herons, water snakes, and muskrats also settle by the pond. The trail leads to the green bridge, the 8-mile loop Turtle Trail, the Wood Thrush Trail, and the Humming Bird Trail. Red maples, beeches, and sycamore trees are abundant in the area. If you’re a fan of the forest, you should follow this trail.

This weekend, prepare your hiking gear and head to these famous Ambler, PA, trails.

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