Ambler is unique due to its rich social and cultural importance. It offers an exceptional community, superb shopping experiences, delightful dining options, and more. Its tradition of hosting yearly events makes the region even more captivating. Check out this list of annual events in Ambler PA, that you shouldn’t miss!

6 Annual Events in Ambler PA

Ambler Auto Show

The event is one of the most exceptional automotive displays in the Philadelphia suburbs, where Enthusiasts bring their beloved vehicles to exhibit. Annually, the Ambler Auto Show presents a stunning array of vintage, classic, and distinctive automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles. Witness the proud owners showcasing their collections of vehicles, and enjoy a delightful time with your loved ones.

Ambler Restaurant Week

Indulge in the authentic Ambler cuisine and relish some delectable culinary delights during Ambler Restaurant Week. This event features the town’s finest dining establishments and an ideal opportunity to savor some incredible lunch and dinner options! So come to the town and satisfy your cravings!

Ambler Art & Music Fest

Ambler Art & Music Fest is a paradise for creative enthusiasts where artists can exhibit their innovative creations and enjoy a full day of music. This event caters to all ages. It is perfect for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere of art and music.

Ambler Oktoberfest

During October each year, Ambler restaurants and businesses offer special promotions to residents and visitors alike. What a great time to enjoy delicious cuisine, revel in musical performances, and partake in other activities that cater to everyone’s interests! Don’t miss the beer garden!

Ambler Halloween Parade

Embrace the excitement of Halloween with the Ambler Halloween Parade! Join in on the trick-or-treating festivities and bring along your ghosts for a spook-tacular time!

Holiday Parade

As the year draws to a close and winter settles in, people eagerly anticipate Santa’s arrival. The Ambler Holiday Parade is an annual event that brings great joy to everyone. Come to Ambler and join the festivities by meeting Santa and experiencing a fantastic community gathering.

Annual Events in Ambler PA, keep everyone engaged and entertained. No matter if you are a resident or just passing through, there’s always something going on in Ambler to keep you captivated! 

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